Managing Illness, 2019

Happy New Year, everyone. So late in 2018, I was diagnosed with two issues, hypothyroidism, and an ulcer. I didn’t pay too much attention to it in the beginning because I was feeling relatively quite well. I was exercising, writing, and trying to push my new business forward. I have to admit that I should not have been negligent or so careless. As the months progressed, I felt utterly exhausted regardless of how much I rested. My mood changed as well, from a positive mindset to negative. I was irritable, and then okay.

I thought, “Why do I feel like this?” Sure enough, that answer was, I wasn’t managing the hypothyroidism or an underactive thyroid. The thyroid gland regulates the immune system, metabolism, mood, digestion, immunity, and everything that is important in your body.

I was frustrated because I have taken care of myself throughout most of my life. I’m not a drinker, I’ve never smoked or engaged in drugs, and I don’t take medication. I was like, “This is so unfair.” In retrospect, maybe my nutrition wasn’t always the best. I had an addiction to caffeine, which can be harmful in the long-run. I had to drop the coffee (overall caffeine), sugar, junk food, fast-food, bread or anything with white or wheat flour, and processed foods cold turkey.

Then I thought, “Ana, you got cocky with your health.” We’re in denial at times of our own missteps. We focus on all the positives, and we lose touch with reality. Being negative is bad. I understand. But being overly positive or confident can interfere with facts, like in my case.

Therefore, if you have an underactive thyroid, you’re not producing the hormones to regulate all the essential, necessary things, which I mentioned above. It comes along with poor immunity, fatigue, issues losing weight, putting on weight, poor digestion so on and so forth. Because I wasn’t having too many problems, in the beginning, I didn’t pay much attention. I thought, “I’ll be fine.” Then came the mood swings, fatigue, and lack of motivation.

I decided that it was time to manage it and take my health issues seriously. I despise feeling ill, without motivation, and experiencing mood swings such as suddenly depressed. I said, enough. So this 2019, I started with a strict diet to manage this problem. With proper nutrition and exercise, I can control it and feel great again. I was also apprehensive about taking actual medication. But it seems I must to feel better.

Medication, proper nutrition, and exercise will all be my goal for 2019. I am already sticking to my diet since before it turned 2019. I can already see the difference. I will probably write more about it throughout the year. If you have such a condition, I highly advise that you manage it. It can turn into something pretty serious, like cancer.

I now fully understand why people avoid being healthy. It’s hard work, and it sucks. But why suffer something when you can fix it? In case you have similar symptoms or actually suffer from an underactive thyroid, I will post a video so you can take a look. Of course, go see a professional doctor. From my research, most people admit that a healthy diet and exercise have helped the most.

I hope you have a blessed 2019.

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