40,000 Words To Finish My Book

Hello, everyone. So, as you can see from the title, I have about 40,000 words to finish my book. Of course, then the editing process comes in. I haven’t gone into too much details about my book. So here it goes.

My Story (Urban Fantasy)

My main character is Earth. Yes, that’s her name. It takes place in a fictitious suburban area of California. Earth is morbidly obese, ginger, with bright yellow eyes, half Argentine, half Caucasian, and she’s somewhat tall. Earth just graduated with a Bachelor degree in Business and a minor in English. Her wish is to be a poet, but her parents want her to take over the family business, which is a local grocery store. She has a younger brother, Kyle, who is ready to go to college. So he can’t take over the responsibility.

As soon as Earth returns from college, her parents want to go on a year vacation. Of course, Earth is not aware of this plan until she comes back home. Earth went to college a few years late for the same reason, the family business. Her parents forced her to work at the grocery store. That is until she set her foot down and went to college. Earth now wants to relax a few months and get ready to apply to graduate school, she also wants to focus on losing weight and to fall in love.


Earth grew up in a church. She used to be a lead vocalist of the church choir as a young teenager. She was happy and extroverted. One day, she encountered two boys from the church talking obscenities about the women at church. Earth hides from the boys. That’s when she hears the boys express upsetting remarks about her weight and overall appearance. It’s the first time she really notices her body, and she doesn’t like it. The cruel comments shatter her world. She’s no longer the extroverted gifted singer. She’s now the “ugly fat girl from church.”

To make matters worse, her parents become obsessed with their own physic and their local business. They attend seminars while Earth stays at home taking care of her little brother. She becomes pretty much a full-time caretaker. She neglects her schooling and herself because she must put her brother first.

Finally, Earth enters into these deep and intricate dreams where she battles all kinds of demons, or “she fights her demons.” The story eventually takes place in two worlds–Earth’s daily struggles with her diet and frustration of taking over the family business. Her frustrations unravel in dreams where she must learn to overcome her mind in order “fix” her life in the real world.

Me as a writer:

I am a person who can dwell on things a lot, a habit I’m trying to break. I embrace all my emotions, but I try not to get emotional. I try to understand why I feel the way I do. But I also have many moments of joy and laughter. My writing is a combination of that. It can’t be all the way dramatic or depressing. It has to have comic relief.

Along with embracing emotions and comedic relief, I really hope to deliver a message that can help someone, somehow. At times, nonfiction or “real” things can’t help us cope or understand life on a deeper level. Fiction can do this. It helps the writer and the audience discover a world beyond the fictional story itself.

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