Am I Toxic Person?

Today, I saw two quotes on Instagram that pertain to accountability. The quotes are by Jay Shetty and Mike Rogers. I thought to myself, this is important. Readily, at me times, we feel comfortable pinpointing those who are toxic to us. However, what about us? What about our mistakes? It’s imperative to understand that we are imperfect beings, and we too can hurt people. As I sit to think about what I can change and improve, I realize that forgiveness, patience, and discernment are all important characteristics to adopt because they can guide us to the truth and honesty about the self. We need to learn to be honest and sincere with who we truly are in order to grow.

I’ll post the quotes below. Also, I’ll post a link on a similar subject by Dr. Perry on his blog, Make It Ultra Psychology.

Just yesterday I wrote a quote about self-improvement. It’s not as sophisticated or elaborate as Jay, Mike, or Dr. Perry, but it still makes a point.

What are your thoughts? Thank you.

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