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Hello, everyone. As I mentioned recently in the last blog, I started a Youtube channel. Where am I going with it? Well, I’m still building the idea. However, I have two set ideas for it. Before I explain what I am using for my videos, I’ll tell you about my plans.

(Quickly, I have to thank Anita for asking me what materials I was using. I forgot to add such information, so thank you. Here’s a link her blog

  • I will be posting my free verse poetry on my Youtube channel, Writers & Artists Lounge. 
  • I would like to start an interviews, more like a conversations, with writers (e.g fiction, nonfiction, self-help, poetry etc.), bloggers, photographers and the like about their work, future work, their creative process, the works in progress, and about the artist mentality vs. the business side of it. Let’s chat.
  • Why? Because I love learning and knowing about the creative process of others. There’s something fascinating about the creator’s process more than the finished product. Don’t get me wrong; the finished product is fantastic. However, the stories behind the struggles are my cup of tea. We are all so different.
  • Lastly, I was planning to do interviews in exchange for tiers (or pledges on my Patreon account)However, I went against that idea. I want to make connections with other like-minded people or even the not so like-minded so I can learn about other artists, and so we can all learn more about each other. So again, let’s chat.

What tools do I use to create my Youtube channel, Writers & Artists Lounge videos?

  • For the music, I use Garage band. Apple has free-royalty loops that anyone may use. I put together some loops and special effects, and then I add my voice (or vice versa). Then it’s record time. I do have to record several times. It takes me about two hours or to put one video together. It’s hard work, but fun to me!
  • To create the video, I use Video Manager on my PC. I upload the audio and pictures. I then add the text. This part is also a bit time-consuming. But I like working on it. Then it’s uploading time on Youtube.
  • I use the pictures from

Other materials/I had to invest a bit on a few things too:

  • a customized pop filter for my Blue microphone to improve audio.
  • a meloaudio USB 2.0 cable type B to midi cable OTG cable USB microphone to use my mic on my Ipad.
  • For now, I am using my Yurbuds (earbuds) to record, along with my mic of course.
  • As mentioned, I use a Blue microphone.
  • Computer, Ipad

Here are some pictures of my materials. Thank you for stopping by, and please don’t forget to follow and subscribe! And message me if you’d like to interview with me.

My recording studio lol 🙂 I luv it.

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