My Youtube Channel Update

Hello, everyone. I mentioned that I started a Youtube account. However, the more I learn about how it works, the more I can maneuver my way around the channel.

I finally figured out how to create a channel with a title I choose. So, I will provide you with my Youtube channel link, Writers & Artists Lounge. It’s a playlist so that you may take a look at what I am creating, which is putting my written work with music into videos. Please, hit like & subscribe.

I’m still working on building my channel and trying to see where I can go with it. I’m testing the waters. I will be making videos weekly if possible. if you can please share and repost, I’d appreciate it. I welcome feedback too as long as it is constructive. Thank you, and have an awesome day.

Writers & Artists Lounge (I left the possessive out on purpose, by the way.)


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6 thoughts on “My Youtube Channel Update

  1. Great trailers, Ana. Did you make them on YouTube?

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    1. I use garage band (on my iPad) & video manager (on my pc) to create everything. The pictures are from 😊🌹💝

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      1. Thanks for the info, Ana.

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