Dying For Your Friends

We live in a world where it’s okay to embrace coldness, numbness, carelessness, and selfishness. While we need to worry about the self, it’s also important to have meaningful and genuine relationships–people we accept with both their strengths and weaknesses. That doesn’t mean we have to stay in toxic relationships, especially those that take away our peace of mind. However, we need to start caring about other people. We need to respect who they are along with their emotions, dreams, and goals.

The easy way out to avoid getting hurt is not caring. That’s easy. But when we engage in not caring, we accept the rules of a “zombified” society–living but without the right mindset and without a heart. Please, call your family and your friends. Go out with them. Ask about their dreams and hopes. Support them. Make time to be human. Make yourself vulnerable. If you hurt them, be brave and apologize–modify the behavior.

In return, we also need to be patient and forgiving. Otherwise, we’re heading toward a place full “zombies [humans]” that will die without a proper and memorable eulogy. Please, care because you’re mainly hurting yourself. When we don’t care to seek to connect with others, we’re not only scarring ourselves and others, we are scarring the world as a whole.

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