Motivational Speeches List, Spotify

Either society has shaped some of us, educational systems, teachers, family, and or friends that/who believe we aren’t good or smart or talented enough. We have conditioned our minds to think crap, “You can’t,” or “I can’t.”

But, once we’re adults, it’s our responsibility & job to re-condition our mind, to change our mindset.

Failure, rejection, forgotten, doubters, haters, mockers, weaknesses, gossipers, death of character, Nay Sayers, mistakes, tired, disappointment are all reasons to fuel our life, to grow, to learn, to dare to forgive, and dare to still believe in your path of greatness in spite of it all.

I created a playlist to listen to as I either workout, journal, or meditate. If you check it out, I hope you like it and follow. I also hope it can motivate you. 🙂 Here’s the link, just click Motivation XY.

My Motivation XY Playlist on Spotify

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