Life’s Traffic Jam

Hello, everyone. It’s been a good while since I have written a blog. I wanted to share a short encounter I had about a day ago. I needed to run errands. I embarked on my short journey with “goals” in mind, stop at the vision center and grocery shop for dinner. I live in the High Desert, meaning, at times, we need to take the freeway to get to another city faster. I took my usual route. It was during rush hour, and that means traffic is a bit congested. But we were still moving.

Two miles before my exit, I noticed a significant traffic jam. After a few short minutes, we came to a complete halt. My sister was driving with me. She checked on Google Maps about the traffic commotion. Sure enough, there was an accident. So close to our exit too. Google maps claimed it would take an hour to get out of the congested freeway.

I was on the far right because I’d be exiting. Suddenly, impatient people start illegally driving on the shoulder of the road. I’m usually one of the impatient people. I get very frustrated. However, I’ve been practicing not getting angry over stupid little things. At one point, a whole line of drivers start lining up on the shoulder of the freeway next to me, and they wanted to bully the ones who were on their lane, legally, out of the way. I usually let people through. But on this particular day, if I would have let the one car in, a whole chain of cars would cut. I thought, “That’s not fair to me or the rest of us waiting patiently. Plus, they were breaking the rules, and it could cause another accident.”

Eventually, I made a small prayer and asked God to please help me with achieving patience, and of course, to make my way of out the traffic jam. I breathed deeply and stayed calm. Seconds later, there was a breakthrough, and I was able to get out of the freeway in a much faster time than what Google Maps claimed.

Call it coincidence, or a small act of faith, I learned something with the traffic congestion. It reminded me of life in general. Sometimes, we have goals and plans in mind. But inevitable accidents, things out of our control, occur. As long as we have a focus, a goal, a destination in mind, we cannot quit. I certainly couldn’t just stop and leave the car and my sister in the middle of the freeway.

When there’s an event that stops us, we have to continue our journey. We have to have faith that there will be a breakthrough. We will have to wait. Others will try and get ahead through any means, illegally cutting ahead of others, cheating, lying, and bullying etc. But our job is to remain with the destination in mind and learn to stay calm. It’s harder to achieve than we think. But I felt God sending me a message that day in the freeway, “Don’t worry. Everything will alright.”


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22 thoughts on “Life’s Traffic Jam

  1. Patience is a virtue as the old saying goes.

    You’re right…Google maps is not as accurate as it seems to be.
    I too, have had encounters like this situation. I stay calm and patient –
    hoping something good will happen and I’ll make my exit out of the Freeway.
    Unfortunately, many cars take advantage of these situations and later results
    in accidents. And some of us wonder, where are the cops when people drive on the side of the road illegally? They are spotted last minute. Sad but…yeah.

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    1. Yeah, they do provoke more problems, and they are part of adding stress.

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      1. L.A. is a stressful environment. It’s no wonder we all suffer or develop depression and stress. Maybe?

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        1. It’s no wonder we should all engage in theraeutic blogging. Lol I agree.

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          1. Therapeutic blogging is the best. Each of us writers get to be involved in the conversation of what one is going through and how they are dealing with situations all around. 🙂

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            1. Yeah, I was nervous when I started. But it became easier the more I blogged.

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              1. WordPress is better than ‘Facebook’, ‘Twitter’, & ‘Instagram’. Blogging wise of course. You are doing a great and marvelous job at blogging and expressing yourself. 🙂

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                1. Thank you, Charlie. I actually love Instagram. Lol But WordPress is equally awesome for me. I post a lot of my work on IG too.

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                  1. You welcome, Ana.

                    How is Instagram nowadays? I don’t know how anyone can do instagram. It’s a crazy cyberworld.


                    1. Haha it seems fine to me. I like it. 😊 I post my work, and then occasionally random pics.

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                    2. I only ask because I don’t have social media. Only blog site.

                      I’m curious to ask if that world is always getting upgraded or causing lots of drama for certain people. My sister and nephews use social media and always inform of the drama that plagues on that world.


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                    3. haha you’re right about the drama. But I feel there’s more drama on Facebook. On IG I simply post my work. So, I hardly experience drama.

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                    4. What is IG?

                      Say, did you feel the earthquake this morning? Crazy right? hahahah!!! I got freaked out. Happy 4th of July my Neighbor. 🙂

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                    5. IG means Instagram. And Iist definitely did! I freaked out. 😂

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                    6. Sorry. I’m not good at acronyms. I tell people to spell the word out. This generation has an obsession with speaking in acronyms. It’s annoying. My apologies but that’s how I feel. 🙂

                      Did you feel the earthquake again on Friday evening? 7.1 Damn! it felt much longer than the last one. 😦

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                    7. Lol it’s ok. And yes, I did. It was so creepy.

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                    8. I don’t know if I replied or not. WordPress says no. Lol but then again, my mind has been on all these earthquakes. IG means Instagram. I hope you’re doing okay in LA.

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                    9. Got it. 🙂

                      I’m doing great. I’m expecting for the next earthquake to happen anytime soon.

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                    10. I don’t wish to expect it. 😂

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                    11. hahahahaha!!!

                      I saw my water bottle moving and that’s when I knew its going to be crazy.

                      You know its interesting that no dogs here in my area we’re barking. They usually can sense of what’s coming. Do you have any dogs or cats?


                    12. Yes, I do. They were zoned out. Lmao 😂

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