Editing My 1st Book, A Psychological Fantasy.

Hey, all! Here’s part of my unedited book (well, pictures of it haha!) that I have been working on. It’s finally coming together. My sister printed it for me 😍. Now, one last intense editing to go, and I am done. I’m so excited, and I’m not even done yet. I’m so grateful to my family for believing in me and supporting this crazy idea of writing a book and becoming a writer.

What’s the book about? It’s a psychological fantasy with a mix of dark humor. I can never entirely take myself too seriously and neither can my story. Further, It’s about a woman who struggles with her weight, depression, solitude, and finding love. She must fight her demons & monsters in order to achieve all her dreams or what she desires. Will she make it? I guess we’ll have to see.

Thank you to all my followers, by the way. I apreciate the support. Every like and comments counts on my watch. I see them as small acts of kindness that mean a lot to me as I try to battle thoughts of, “Should I write this?” or “Am I a writer?” or “Am I crazy? Is this crazy to even think about?” 🌹

I can’t possibly know where this path is taking me or if it’s the right one. In spite of all the doubts, I am willing to push through the fears to see where this crazy writer’s journey and experience will take me.

Am I the only blogger/writer with fears? Are you ever doubtful about your writing?

Have a great weekend!