Internal Struggles

What is it about internal struggles, that once we confront them, we feel freer? And what is it about art that helps us heal? For example, eating disorders, drug addictions, or anything that harms us as a whole cling like ticks to the soul and mind. We feel defeated and helpless when we even try to fight back.

What made me think about all this? I remembered Mark Ballas on Dancing with the Stars a few years ago. His partner in that season was Alexa Pena Vega. The show runs throughout ten weeks, and each week the couples get a new theme for the dance number, in this case, Mark being the pro and Alexa, the student.

On week 9, Mark and Alexa danced a contemporary piece to Ed Sheeran’s, Make it Rain. Mark informs Alexa that the song is about internal struggles. Right away, Alexa shares with Mark about the time she was a kid, filming a movie, and the producers kept telling her, “You’re too fat.” The unfortunate experienced adversely affected Alexa, and she eventually struggled with bulimia for many years.

So, Mark, who I find a unique, creative, and intelligent artist in his field of dance, created a routine based on Alexa’s experience. Alexa’s role is herself, and Mark represents bulimia. It’s a fantastic number. I love it.

And I have to add that I randomly see Mark’s past dances because I love how he makes the connection with his student and audience through his art. Though it might seem easy on the surface, it takes a great deal of emotional intelligence to portray real-life events in art. Also, it involves strong interpersonal communication and empathy when artists can express their creativity and touch someone with it to help them heal.

Well, without further ado, I will allow you to take a look at the fascinating dance, in my opinion. I hope you like it as much as I do.

Dancing with the Stars, Season 21, Wk. 9, Contemporary Dance
“Make It Rain,” Ed Sheeran

Image by Pexels from Pixabay

2 thoughts on “Internal Struggles

  1. Creativity ourselves to indulge in carhartic moment. It’s so hard to liberate yourself from your own worst enemy determined to destroy Every thing and Every one who makes us feel worthy. I guess being able to express ourselves through our feelings and thought is a way to soothe our pysche .. interesting post. Thanks for posting

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    1. Thank you and I love your insight. And it’s true, there’s something both uncanny and cathartic about expression through art. It’s a kind of Self-confrontation and release at the same,which I believe we’re capable of achieving.


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