2019 Learning

Every year, I like to say that I learned something. However, 2019 I feel has been the year that I have grown the most spiritually and mentally. I hope that I can say that every year because it’s important to always keep an open mind on growing as person.

One of my favorite passages in the Bible is in Ecclesiastes, chapter three. According to the passage, there’s a season for everything. Keep in mind the passage is in the Old Testament, meaning, it’s the old contract God had with his people of Israel. In the New testament, the new contract, things change a bit. But that’s another topic. What I want to focus on is the seasons.

A season for everything means that we as human beings go through a series of events, but we cannot remain stuck in one season. When it’s time to be happy, then be happy. When it’s time to mourn, then let those tears run. There’s no point in repressing life. Life happens unexpectedly, and there’s nothing we can do about it. However, nothing is permanent. Sooner or later the storm comes, and then it goes away. This pattern continues throughout our life.

I am my mid-thirties, and I have experienced the seasons quite a few times by now. So what have I learned in those seasons, and especially in 2019? Here’s a list:

  • More of God, less of me to learn to stay humble in all my endeavors & achievements.
  • Learn to say, “thank you,” even for the smallest things, the so-called “insignificant” or “unimportant” things.
  • You don’t have to share everything you’re doing with everyone, only those who are trustworthy and close to you.
  • When you let go, the right people come into your life, and they will support you even in the slightest things. Also, these trustworthy people will tell you when you’re slipping away from your path. So, genuine honesty that benefits your growth matters to them.
  • The right mentors, coaches will align with what you need in order to grow.
  • When you do anything for any person, do not expect anything in return. Do not expect the same type of thoughtfulness & kindness.
  • Set your moral/ethical boundaries. The right people will accept you, and they will not comprise your values.
  • Learn to apologize sincerely without making up excuses.
  • Learn to accept things, even if it’s uncomfortable. Digest it, and then let it go.
  • Learn to forgive, but don’t ever accept the same toxic patterns in your life.
  • We all make mistakes, and we all need improvement in our personal life, relationships, friendships, and in our interpersonal communications skills.
  • You have made mistakes, but it’s okay to move on and forgive yourself. If others can’t forgive you, oh well!
  • When you lose relationships, new ones come along!
  • Pray & wish everyone well, even if they don’t wish the same to you.
  • Old habits die hard, so if you fall back into any unlikable patterns, it’s okay. Start all over again tomorrow.
  • Wake up to a positive mindset. For instance, I read the Bible and pray to set the tone and get myself ready for the day.
  • Before going to bed, think about what you are truly thankful for. Read or watch a video that will let you end your day on a good note.
  • Every day is a new beginning, a new opportunity. Sigh. Let go. Ready. Set. Go!

Have a wonderful day, and I hope you have a happy New Year!

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