Two Cents On Toxic People

Hello, everyone. I wasn’t expecting to write a blog today. But I decided to quickly write about a video I saw on Youtube, “Toxic Friends & Family (Stay Away From Negative People).” The main idea that captivated my attention was the following:

“Toxic people aren’t necessarily evil people. They aren’t necessarily bad people. They are usually not toxic to everyone. Sometimes they are just people who aren’t good for you. Sometimes you’re both just toxic for each other because you’re not in alignment with each other. How can you expect to associate with toxicity and not become toxic yourself? If you hang around with people who are sick all the time, common sense will tell you that it’s only a matter of time before you get sick. That’s what happens when you hang around with the wrong people.”

Going into your 2020 it’s important to understand that life is already difficult. Therefore, we should learn to let things be. There isn’t any point in forcing anything or relationships. If a relationship isn’t building us up, then it’s time to let go because it harms everyone. Of course, it might be more concerning and difficult for one party than the other to let go. But, in the end, you’re doing yourself and others a favor to stay away from those who aren’t helping your growth, especially if you did everything within your power to make things work.

I now like to think of things in terms of season. Whether it’s good or bad, all I say is, “Okay, this is a season.” Having this mindset helps me understand that storms will pass–just like the summer passes us by, then fall, then winter, and finally spring. And when things are great, I am so thankful for it. So the “seasonal mindset” helps me embrace a character of gratitude and humility at all times.

Anyway, I hope this helps out anyone who might be stuck in such relationships. Yes, it will be tough to let go. Yes, you’ll feel terrible. But the sun rises every morning, and you can move on without bitterness. Have a wonderful 2020!

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  1. This post was definitely meant for me to read. I love that mindset of looking at everything in terms of seasons, I’ll be putting that into practice. Thank you for this.

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