How to Read Faster for 2020

Hello, everyone. Happy New Year, 2020! So we all have those New Year’s resolutions. Some go through and others not so much. One of my goals this year is to read more books and to read faster. I am not a slow reader, but I can be because I like to take notes, highlight, journal about certain parts that really catch my attention, and I like to post my favorite quotes on Instagram at Aprosette

If I am not doing any of my note-taking, then I can read pretty quickly. Because I was a student for such a long time, I instinctively sped read through textbooks. But I am person who likes to do things intentionally. So I embarked on a mini course! I learned that you don’t have to read all the books or sections of the books in the same way.

I am a person who isn’t afraid of asking questions on how to get things done. I am always discovering new ways of learning, and I found one course on Udemedy that caught my attention. Since I love to share knowledge with others, here’s the link to a class called A Mini-Course on Better Reading by Brandon Hakim. It’s quite short. I’m halfway through it in a matter of minutes. 

So far, I have had a couple of “aha” moments, and I am enjoying the free mini-course. It’s for personal skills, right up my alley! 

So What are your tips on reading faster, or at least getting through books more quickly? Let me know in the comment section. Below is a list of a few tips that I picked up from the course thus far. 

  • Read the right sections. For example, “selective reading is more important than speed reading” because it will get you better results toward actions or learning.
  • Have a reading ritual. It’s not about reading fast but about habit.
  • Preview every book. Read the contents, summary, preface, and at least a few pages of each chapter before reading a whole book or deciding which section will serve you best.
  • Use a pen because it takes our eyes a few seconds before moving on. So the pen allows us to push our eyes in a continuous reading manner.
  • Read the essential sections slowly, and speed read the rest.

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