Hello, everyone. I hope you’re having an amazing first month of 2020. I wanted to cover the topic of burnout. With the tragic and unfortunate death of Kobe Bryant, his daughters, and the rest of their friends who were on board with them, it made me think about a few things. For some reason, we feel inadequate not to be busy if it makes sense. We feel terrible about rest and self-care.

During December 20219, I was feeling pretty good health-wise, mental-wise, and even spiritual-wise. By the time January 2020 came along, I was exhausted. I had to go to the doctor. Toward the last months of 2019, I was running a small business, working as a Real Estate agent assistant while working toward my Real Estate licensing. I was also in a Bible & Theology seminar twice a week; I was exercising, tutoring for English, and volunteering at the library. I was writing, exercising, so on, and so forth.


Sometimes we think because we are on a high of accomplishing things, meeting new people, striving to be better, that it’s a positive thing. Not so much when we fill our days and weeks with so many responsibilities. I had to begin this year just saying no to many things. I just can’t. I’m not Superwoman. I wish I were, but I am not. And honestly, I feel bad about it because I have this voice telling me, “You failed; you failed.”

I’m always trying to accomplish everything I start. However, there are only so many hours in the day. If we create an influx of tasks, we don’t finish anything. It’s best to stay focus on a goal or three at most. If we don’t keep a flexible schedule, we cannot dedicate quality time to those who matter, and to those things that fuel and inspire us. So, at this point, my goals are quite simple.

  • God first, for my a strong spiritual and mental endurance.
  • My health, so that I can be there for those who really need me. My family & friends need me at my best, not at my weakest. But those who God has established in my life, really lift me up. So I want to do the same in return.
  • Career goals/ Work.

Anything and anyone else at this point have to be second. Is it because of selfishness? Not at all. It’s out of self-love and because I love those who genuinely care about me that I need to be at my best. This has helped sort out the extra hours and invest quality time on my health, family, and career goals/work.

Based on the book The School of Greatness by Lewis Howes, who happened to have a fantastic interview with Kobe Bryant, I created a schedule for myself. I didn’t realize how few hours I had in the day to get all my tasks done. At the same time, I also did not know how many hours I did have to get done what I really want to focus on. It’s incredible how proper time management can change things. 

Proper time management leads to quality time for family and friends, physical and mental health, and inspirational work. Life is too short to try to do everything, to try to be the savior of everyone, to try to be right with everyone. It’s impossible.

I leave you with a Kobe Bryant quote: “Everything negative – pressure, challenges – is all an opportunity for me to rise.

Here’s the Youtube video interview with Lewis Howes & Kobe Bryant, Kobe Bryant: “Mamba Mentality, NBA Championships, and Oscars with Lewis Howes.” If you see it all or part of it, leave a comment on what you like best about the interview.

Blessings to everyone.

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