Stay Safe, Stay Busy

Hello, everyone. It’s been a while since I have blogged, yet again. I did post “The Ritual,” which you may find if you click on the title. I feel at this point we all know what is needed from us. We are facing difficult times due to the coronavirus or covid_19, and I hope that we all come out better human beings on the other side of all this terrible storm. Many lives have been lost and will be lost, unfortunately. I hope and pray that we diminish the losses by a lot.

So, I will post below two things: one, a list of what I am doing to keep myself busy. Two, if you are a person of faith or if you don’t mind reading a couple inspirational Bible verses, then continue reading. Of course, if you’re feeling terrified or concerned, like most of us, I assure you the Bible verses will help.

I live in California, and we’re all pretty much on lock down. It’s not necessarily a forced per say, but most places to spend time to enjoy are closed, except drive thru’s. We do have access to our essentials, such as supplies and medication.

In the mean time, here are the few things on how I am keeping myself busy. Of course, working on my new career & writing are priorities. I try to get these done only a few days a week for no more than 15 minutes to an hour. My schedule varies so that I can fit them in. And some, I’m not even worried if I skip a week. 😀

  • Reading, Grit: The Power of Passion & Perseverance by Angela Duckworth & seriously finishing Mere Apologetics: How to Help Seekers & Skeptics Find Faith by Alister E. McGrath. And of course, the Bible, Revelations.
  • I picked up and old hobby. I even bought a class. Guitar! I am working on “Come Away With Me,” by Norah Jones. I actually played and sang this song for my guitar class many moons ago.
  • House cleaning. I know. But I feel it counts because I feel really good about my environment afterward.
  • Different streaming services, such as Amazon Prime & Netflix.
  • Exercise
  • I am taking a class on personal growth on Udemy (online).
  • I am also taking a class called, The Genesis Story: Reading Biblical Narratives at Hillsdale College online.

How are you keeping yourself busy? Let me know! 😀

And without further ado, here are the Bible verses I promised. Created by me through QuotesCreator App. Let me know which verse you like the best, and which one made you feel better. Thank you, and I hope everyone stays safe. Take care!

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9 thoughts on “Stay Safe, Stay Busy

  1. This is what we all need right now. I love the bible verses. 🙂

    Tomorrow it will be 1 week for all of us here in L.A. that we’ve been on lockdown/self-isolation.

    Here’s a new song by ‘Nine Inch Nails’

    Nine Inch Nails – Together (Audio Only)

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    1. Hello, I know. A few weeks late. I tried the link, and didn’t work. I did type in the song on Youtube though. The lyrics are quite relatable. And it’s also quite different from what I have been listening. lol You Say, Lauren Daigle. 😀

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