What Are You Up To?

Hey, so I’d really like to know what you’re all doing? It sounds weird. But I’m curious. 😂 I’ll ask a few questions, and I’ll leave my answers first. Go ahead answer them in the comment section. Stay home, stay safe. 🌹

  • Where are you from? I’m from California, and I live in the San Bernardino county.
  • Are you on a lock down? Yes, in the US we have been on a mandatory lock down for weeks, and it’s now extended to April 30th.
  • Is it mandatory where you’re at? Answered it. 😂
  • What are you doing to stay busy? Reading, picked up the guitar and singing again, exercising, learning French on Duolingo, taking a few classes for personal growth, and hoping to get back to work soon.
  • How are you feeling? I am nervous, but I am trying to stay hopeful in God and staying busy. It’s a bit of a tough task though.
Some tagging turd did this in my neighborhood.


2 thoughts on “What Are You Up To?

  1. Awesome! Here’s my reply:
    Where are you from? I’m an Air Force Brat born in Ankara, Turkey. I call Tampa, Florida home, and now live in Southern Maryland, about an hour from DC.
    Are you on a lock down? Yes. I go into my office in DC on Tuesdays, but tele-work the rest of the week.
    Is it mandatory where you’re at? Oh, yeah. Ditto the laughing face 😂
    What are you doing to stay busy? Maintaining as much as my office work that I can, taking online training classes, and hanging out with my dogs who are quite surprised and delighted by having me home so much ❤
    How are you feeling? Busy, but not too worried. We try to keep our distance from others when we need to go to the store, and we’re also supporting local vendors, the smaller businesses, by ordering carry-out several times a week. I have a job that is not endangered by what’s going on, so I give thanks to God everyday not just for that, but also for the innumerable blessings in my life.

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    1. Wow, I learned so much just with a few questions. It’s amazing that you’re blessed during these weird times. And it’s great that you’re handling all this with calm mind. So many people are freaking out. I can get a bit concerned. But I am blessed so far. And my dogs are so happy too. 😂 Maybe this is all a big set up from dogs. I hope you continue to be well & blessed. 🌹 🐶😁


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