Blind spots: A Quest of Self-Discovery

Hello, everyone. I hope you are safe and making through these tough times for everyone.

I am taking a class on personal development, and I had no clue how much this class would challenge my thinking. At first I doubted how it could help me grow, and the last thing I wanted was to take a class where it would force me to believe that I am “positive!” and “happy!” no matter what the circumstances are in my life. Instead, I discovered more about how I communicate with my relationships and about how I act or behave, whether it’s positive or negative.

The quest of self-discovery, and I’ve been on this road for a while, is similar to our blind spots when we drive. We have the full view in front of us, the review mirror, the side mirrors, and other windows to help us see the road. However, we still need to turn our head at certain points to make sure we are completely safe and that we have a better view. Sometimes we’re so focused on what what we see that we miss what we don’t see.

Until about a year ago, my vision was 20/20. When my eyes started getting a bit more tired and teary-eyed at times, so I scheduled an eye exam. And sure enough, I was no longer 20/20. My eyes are still great! But I do wear glasses now, not often. When I finally got my glasses, they bothered me and I could see the difference. It took a while before I finally felt adjusted.

Much like life, when we have this self-confrontation of ourselves, or at least in my case, it is uncomfortable. We’re merely focused on what we see, but there’s so much more that we’re missing due to the blind-spots or because we need glasses. And quite frankly, life is like this forever, adjusting to uncomfortable situations and hopefully growing from them.

Overall, regardless of how difficult our situation may be and how many times we want to give up, let us learn from our experiences and come out stronger on the other side.

Image by Rainer Maiores from Pixabay

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