A Scraggly lady, fixing her glasses always.
Nobody notices her sizzling speech.
It’s like I’m taking crazy pills.
She’s always moving, slithering her way around.
Her words come out sweet like spongy marshmallows.
A credible person, worthy witness, a “must-believe-person.”
Her marshmallows have a poisonous end.
Her old sweet innocent eyes, merely deceit.
But I hear her steps creak.
I see the veil in her eyes.
Sleep, is that something she does?
Shadows of lies casting down on her.
Who is this ghoul living among us?
She’s not alone; there are way more.
Character killers and they have believers.
Hallejuha-ing their every marshmallow.
The gullible without criterion.
It used to bother me.
Now, I let it slip from me like oil–
Boiling your confessions into the abyss.
The ghouls & the gullible vs Me.
I win every time.

© 🌹 2020

9 thoughts on “Ghouls

      1. You are very welcome, Ana. 🙂

        It’s looking okay. People are still practicing social distancing of course. I know some things are going to be reopening but, I guarantee…it won’t last long. It was quite a couple of weeks ago but since things are starting to reopen little by little. People have been taking advantage with precaution.

        You’re not in L.A.?

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        1. Oh wow, that sounds a bit stressful. The world is on hold…well mostly. My uncle has been out of work, and he is very stressed out. We might have to take him in at home. And no, I’m in San Bernardino county.

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          1. My sister is from San Bernardino as well. She told me that its quite over there somewhat? But, then again, she doesn’t go out unless its for buying groceries, fill up on gas, and come home. I’m pretty sure that’s what everyone else is doing.

            I’m so sorry to hear about your uncle feeling stressed out. 😦 I think everyone is feeling the stress and high anxiety the world is facing.

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            1. Yes, it’s actually not that bad here. But you’re right, everyone is out mainly for the essentials.

              And yeah, many people feel overwhelmed right now for one reason or the other. Tough times.

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