Covid_19: I’m A Good Person; You’re A Bad One

Hello, everyone. I hope that you find yourself safe during these times of unprecedented events. I hope my blog doesn’t sound offensive or rude in any way. If it does, I apologize in advance since that is far from my intention. My hope for this blog is to help us think of the “other side,” just for a second, whatever side that may be.

I am baffled at the circumstances we are all experiencing, and we mustn’t forget that we’re all in the same boat. I have to admit I am astonished at how easily human beings can be at each other’s throat of opposing views. For some reason, we live in a culture where “we’re the good guys,” and “others are the bad guys.”

Why can’t we ever just stop for a minute and consider the other person’s concerns/emotions/fears? Simply because we consider them, it doesn’t mean our fears or emotions aren’t valid. It also doesn’t mean that we have to change our views either. But, at least, we should try to understand the “other” guy/gal.

Covid_19 has two sides. One side wants to stay home shut down to protect their family and friends. The other side wants our country (US) to open because they need to pay bills, mortgage, and perhaps they’re on the verge of losing their business, which helps feed their families. Think about it, both sides care about their families.

But what do we hear from these two opposite sides?

  • If you want to open the country, then you’re a sell-out, greedy, tyrannical corporate supporter, etc.
  • If you open the country up, then you’re a killer.
  • If you want to stay shut in your home, then you don’t care about your country and those who want to feed their children.
  • If you stay locked in, then you’re a coward.

These “if, then” statements are absurd, and they are biased and thoughtless absolutes. It helps no one resolve anything. I am a person who likes to think about solutions. My questions are:

  • How do we keep our families safe? Especially those with higher risks?
  • How do we help the working class and middle class save their business, mortgages, and feed their families?

Let’s face it, rich people can make it through this pandemic. However, they have losses too, financial and familial. In the US, we are lucky to have government aid (welfare) to help those who really need assistance. So those who are on government aid are okay for the most part. Of course, there’s always exceptions.

But not everyone qualifies for government assistance. What do these people do, if they cannot work, and don’t qualify for welfare? Trust me, a $1,200 financial relief check isn’t going to suffice when rent and mortgages are around $1,500 or more, plus bills and essential needs.

My point is, we all have different needs. That doesn’t make you the good or the bad guy. It only means differences in lifestyles. If you’re okay staying at home because you’re lucky enough to run a business from home or you have a type of support system, then, of course, you’re not concerned about getting out there. That’s great! I’m a happy for you. However, not everyone is your position.

And no, simply because people don’t want to open the country up, it doesn’t make them bad either. They are fearful and protective of their family and friends.

I wonder, when does this nonsense of accusations stop? When are we going to realize that we are a community? Why do we have to be hateful toward anyone with different needs? When will we learn to empathize?

I have always said that I NEVER like saying “I am a good person” because I feel that when I do, my communication skills and empathy will stunt. I see it very much like learning. When we think we know everything, then we limit our knowledge. We stop focusing on improvement.

Maybe it’s time that we all stop calling ourselves “I’m a good person,” not because we should think less of ourselves. But because I feel it gives us a sense of self-righteousness and a toxic pride like we’re better than others. This might sound blunt, but not everyone who opposes our views are bad people.

Also, I really wish we would think of solutions instead of staying bolted in one idea of how things should be. But that’s my mentality. That doesn’t mean I believe others are evil or stupid for not thinking of solutions. It’s just how my brain functions.

I feel that fear will never get us anywhere. Because fear pushes people to snitch on your neighbors and to be hateful to anyone who doesn’t agree with us.

On the other hand, community, togetherness, safety, caution, empathy, and searching for solutions as a community will help us ride this boat back to shore.