Am I Competitive? (2 min. read)

Hello, everyone. This is more of a self-reflection blog–just little glimpse into my deeper thoughts. Today as I was embarking on my house cleaning, I was thinking about my life. These days are a bit difficult to get by, especially with all the terrible news, the anger & hate coming from all over. I drive mainly to pick up essentials and scarcely through drive-thru’s.

It’s essential to keep busy. And if the day is too heavy for me, then I take it easy. I participate in small activities, such as cleaning, guitar playing, Duo Lingo & ASL learning. On such days, it’s difficult for me to engage in too many demanding activities. And then the little small tasks I achieve, give me a sense of accomplishment for the day. It brings me a type of joy, oddly enough.

So as I was doing my chores, I was thinking, am I a competitive person? Then I thought, to some extent, I am, but in many ways, I am not. I also thought about how people move ahead in life, career wise.

One of my most prominent beliefs is that everything happens for a reason. And that whatever door closes or opens, it’s well, for a reason. I used to hate the phrase “It is what it is,” but I’ve adopted that philosophy a lot lately–not for everything, of course.

Because we can’t always be passive, it depends on the season. However, for things that are out of control, “it is what it is.” In this sense, I am not competitive at all, and I move ahead merely by working hard and not forcing anything.

I try to be helpful and supportive in what I can, and it doesn’t always return. But that’s just life. I’m sure it happens to all of us. However, other times, God is gracious to me and puts the right people and the right circumstances in my life. Then those doors that I thought were bolted begin to open and guide me to where I need to be.

And in this is where I become competitive, but with myself. Because I want to be the best I can at whatever I am doing. If I can pair this with daily discipline, keep a mental focus, quiet my mind, and close my ears to all the negativity, I can indeed start seeing a precise painting of my goals.

How are you coping these days? What’s one thought that you can ask yourself to learn more about you?

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