The Truth Always Shows Itself To You

Not too long ago, I had fallen in a state of what I like to call as “darkness.” This season in my life served me to grow a lot. People who I truly trusted and cared about just walked away, or they let me walked away. They didn’t care at all, and of course, this was extremely painful to me.

This season taught me that when we put our minds in a negative state, then everything and everyone is a “bad person.” We lose sight of who is helpful and who is toxic. In such toxic mental states, people are all the same, “bad,” even if they show the contrary, or if they are some innocent bystander in our mind. “EVIL!” After I finally pulled myself out of this season, and I realized how much damage I had done mainly to myself.

For me, it’s challenging to categorize a whole group of people and lump them into the same category. I rather interact and admire people for who they are as an individual. Yes, we all need to be part of a group. But the group shouldn’t define us entirely. And sooner or later, we will feel alone, because human beings are imperfect. They let us down, and we let them down. It’s human nature. It happens.

What many people fail to acknowledge or don’t understand is that at the core of many ideas, generally, there is a good intention behind it. If everyone would just shut up for a minute, they’d realize that whoever opposes their views honestly thinks they’re doing the right thing. Now, whether that’s true or not, somewhat true, is beside the point. But if we said, “Wait a minute. This person cares. Let me see what they’re saying.”

To me, it’s important to dig for the truth, even if it’s painful and uncomfortable. That’s who I am. You want to prove something to me, show me data, statistics, or facts that prove that you’re 100% you’re right. Why? Because emotions can be deceiving. I feel we need a balance between emotion and facts. Why? Because emotions keep us human, but facts can help us keep humble & logical. It tells us, “Maybe you’re wrong, buddy?”

3 thoughts on “The Truth Always Shows Itself To You

  1. Agreed, and, a stoic viewpoint to ponder:
    “Throw out your conceited opinions, for it is impossible for a person to begin to learn what he thinks he already knows.”

    We should remain open to feedback and criticism no matter how painful. Easier said than done. But worth remembering.

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    1. Wonderful quote! And I agree. I’m a learner, so I definitely understand that not knowing is needed in order to know. And you’re right, it is easier said than done. Thank you, btw. ☺ 🌹

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