The Truth Always Shows Itself To You II

So how do we stop ourselves from falling in that darkness where a group of people (or the whole world) is evil to us?

  • Do your research.
  • Read self-help books. I used to hate them. But they’re actually helpful!
  • See what others are saying besides your circle.
  • Listen calmly, with an open-mind.
  • If you are getting triggered by an emotion, then ask yourself? Why? Write it down.
  • Understand that too many things aren’t just black and white. In most cases, there’s a gray area.
  • Understand that if a person is passionate about something, maybe they know something you don’t. Our answers can’t simply be, “What an idiot,” “Traitor,” “Bigot” or the like.
  • If your answers are just that, “What an idiot,” “Traitor,” “Bigot,” then you know nothing about the subject or that person. You’re going by an emotion or by what someone else told you. And this is a deceitful and dimwitted way to seek evidence of truth.
  • Also, understand that simply because someone is extremely emotional, it doesn’t mean they are right. It’s like when someone else yawns, so we yawn. We wouldn’t say, “Wow, we both yawned. That person must be nice [or right].” We have to scavenge for the truth beyond emotions.
  • And then, there are “the facts,” that some present as truth. But they aren’t. So how do we find the truth? Dig deep. Keep going. The truth always shows itself to you.
  • Simply because a group of people are yelling at you their truth, it doesn’t mean it is. Again, see above and beyond.
  • Eloquent speech & excellent communication from a person, doesn’t mean they’re nice, or right.
  • Bluntness (brutal truth) & lack of communicating information properly doesn’t mean that person is a bad person.
  • Agree to disagree. Why do people have to live up to your standards, morals & ethics? As the famous biblical saying goes, “Whoever is free of sin cast the first stone” & “Judge not lest ye be judged.”
  • Avoid yelling, insulting, or getting aggressive. We’re adults. Only children throw fits when mommy tells them, “you can’t have your ice cream if you don’t eat your veggies.”
  • Finally, in some cases, maybe there’s a bit of truth to both opposing views.

© 2020