Kennedy Award of Excellence Nomination

I have been nominated for the Kennedy Award of Excellence, and I wanted to thank PoetryManiac for this nomination of the Kennedy Award of Excellence. There’s no better award than the recognition of your peers. So, I am truly honored. Thank you!

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It’s a registered award of excellence for blogs sponsored by

The objectives of this award are that the chosen blog

Through its writing, presentation and objectives, fosters human values; promoting intellectual, emotional and moral growth of peers”. (Source–

3 thoughts on “Kennedy Award of Excellence Nomination

      1. You are welcome. Yes, this whole year isn’t the best at all for the world. It’s just crazy how last year we we’re all fine and well. Then we enter 2020 and its all over.

        I’ve been working on new poetry material for Monday. And just listening to lots of music, reading, and watching a ton of films.

        Hope you have a wonderful 4th of July weekend. 🙂

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