Reach out. Forgive. Kindness.

What is it about 2020 was so challenging? Well, the pandemic was a defining moment in history. It affected us globally, nationally, locally, and personally. Regardless of where you stand personally and politically of this whole madness, one thing is almost certain. It changed us all. While not many are introspective, and I feel we should all be, it had to change us, right? At least a bit.

Let me be more precise, during and after the pandemic. I decided to reach out to a few past friends. A few reached back, and we either talked or hung out a bit. Now, we’re in communication again. Things are certainly different now. But I am glad these friends were alright considering 2020.

Others chose not to get back to me. I wasn’t hurt or annoyed or the like. Some of these relationships didn’t end well for one reason or another. Others just disappeared, or I did. Others, well, I hoped they didn’t just end the friendship over hearsay. Another possible outcome is that people become really passionate about politics. If you’re not on their exact politics, people take that personally, which is a shame because we are more than politics. We are the whole human experience, and we all can relate to our humanity: joy, sadness, loss, excitement, goals, dreams, etc.

On my side, I remember some of these connections because we were friends and shared experiences, and to me, I cherish those moments. But I think most people cling to the negative aspects of you. And let’s be honest, most people move on with their life, and they are not thinking about you. They have busy lives and perhaps even a great excuse for not keeping in touch or reaching back.

While I perfectly understand that we should stay away from toxic people or at the least limit the relationship, I feel it’s okay to give people second chances. Of course, we can’t force people to give us second chances. We can only reach out and wait for either the rejection or the open door.

There is something about last year, which was so challenging that it made me think, “Hey, let me reach out to some of the people I was friends with years ago.” I also thought it had been years, and people change. I know I did, and I am still evolving and improving.

My point, reach out to people. You never know if they need a word, and you don’t know if they have changed. If they have, then it could be the chance to start anew. If they haven’t changed and it’s something that adversely affected/ affects you, then yes, keep your distance. Don’t open up wounds or triggers that will cause a setback in you. Also, there’s nothing wrong with rejection. It’s just an opportunity to move on, and that’s a good thing too.

Overall, we must practice kindness and forgiveness, see beyond the surface and people’s politics. And I assure you that it’s easier said than done. But we can at least practice forgiving and reaching out to friends and family. Try. That’s all.

© 2021