Beyond this World

We’re living in an era where “progressivism” is on the rise, and yet I see more regression. We have a mental health crisis, and suicide is rising, and we have more division and chaos. We idealized a utopia while walking towards a dark dystopian path. Unknowingly, perhaps this is human beings’ attempt to recreate their “tower of Babel” once again, and this is where they [humans] will always encounter division, chaos, and confusion.

Only God can provide us with perfect harmony with Him, nature, and each other. Therefore, we must focus beyond this world. I know this may sound religious, pessimistic, and idealistic to many. On the surface, it may just be doing that, but if evil is running wild, you have to, in the least, believe that there is good too, and I don’t mean good and evil balance because light and darkness cannot coexist.

And while I’m perfectly aware that without darkness and evil, we could not know light and good, I strongly believe in the Biblical future when we no longer will experience sadness, grief, death, illness, oppression, racism, division, chaos, confusion, among other toils that we experience on this earth.

Rev. 21: 4

Image by Jills from Pixabay

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