Watchful Eyes

Have you ever just watched a person…
When they’re not looking.
Busy in some endeavor.
Their walls are down–
or unaware of it.
No putting up a front.
It’s humanity’s thoughts, not idling.
Their hands in laborious pursuits.
No time or room for remorse.
Grudges, lies, or deceit.
It minds one’s own business.
Incognizant of watchful eyes.
Oh, what a crush!
No, not that kind of carnal enamoredness.
Instead, an infatuation with humanity’s potential.
If we only kept our minds up one’s ear.
Our hands in such cliches:
The pursuit of happiness.
Staying in one’s lane.
No room for doubt,
Or envy or jealousy.
If we only watched each other more,
Like intently seeing a movie.
Listening, cheering for our characters.
Flawed and lovable citizens of this world.
If only we watched each other more,
We’d discover our humanness.

  • © 2022