Sound of Freedom (Official Trailer)

Sound of Freedom premiers May 11, Angel’s Studios. “Tune into Illuminate via the Angel Studios app, Facebook, or YouTube live stream on May 11 at 7 p.m. MT.” 

Support this movie. It stars Jim Caviezel, Mira Sorvino, and Kurt Fuller. It’s an uncomfortable subject, but it exposes the human trafficking industry, especially child trafficking, a multi-billion-dollar industry. It will soon trespass illegal narcotics.

I wanted to add. I don’t know if the movie touches on this or not. But pornography is tied to human and child trafficking. That is why so many men (and women) are walking away from that addiction. My intention here isn’t to shame anyone; it’s to inform. But I invite you to do your research, and I’ll leave some links below so you have a solid start. 

Any time a person pays or watches porn, they unknowingly support human trafficking, including child trafficking, sadly. Follow Tim Ballard and the page Our Rescue for that type of information. Ballard is an ex-CIA & Former DHS: Special agent/undercover operator.

Another person that you should follow is Marisol Nichols. Make sure to follow her Youtube channel and Podcast (link below). She’s a Hollywood and television actor and truly a Batman badass. Nichols works undercover and uses her acting skills to capture child traffickers. She even pretends to be a meth addict trafficker and is involved in a highly dangerous situation. To name a few movies she’s worked in: Vegas Vacation, Friends’ Til the End, Can’t Hardly Wait, and Jane Austen’s Mafia. Her television shows are RiverdaleNCIS: Los Angeles24, and Alias

On the Sound of Freedom‘s Instagram page, they describe the movie as follows: “Sound of Freedom is a taut, wrenching, inspirational true-life story that shines a light on the grim reality of child sex trafficking. It is the story of a real man who risks everything to bring a ray of light and hopes to the darkest corner of our world and the children who need it most.

It is not just a movie; it is a mission.” 

Now, I leave you with the Soud of Freedom trailer, and remember to check out the links below. Have a great day. 

Sound of Freedom

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