Update: Let’s Talk About Writing

Hello, everyone. The last post I wrote was back in July. It was called Up & Down, Side to Side. You may click on the title, and that will lead you to that last blog. Since July, a lot has happened, and I wanted to share a few of my plans with you. We've all been … Continue reading Update: Let’s Talk About Writing

What Is Your Creative Writing Process, Writer?

Today I only have a simply question for you. What is your creative writing process? What are your little quirks as a creative writer? What inspires you to write: poetry, lyrics, blogs, short stories, micro-fiction, fiction, non-fiction, etc.? I'll bulletproof mine below. It's not detailed because that would take me a book. But it's enough to share with you my part of my creative writing process. What's yours? Let me know in the comment section. Have a blessed week, everyone!

A Quote by C. S Lewis

A Quote by C. S Lewis, Mere Christianity (Chapter 6). The audiobook is available for free on YouTube! I posted this quote on my Instagram @ aprosette. Follow me. It's also an easier place to chat about our work and thoughts. ☺ 🌹 Have a great day. Quotescreatorapp All rights reserved ©anaprose.com 2019

To My Burial, Don’t Bring Me A Bouquet of Beautiful Roses

Please, to my burial, don't bring me a bouquet of beautiful roses to my new home, the coffin. My eyes can't see them. My nostrils no longer have a scent. My heart no longer beats. My pupils no longer enlarge when I see you.  Don't come with your tears and your pretty words. What you … Continue reading To My Burial, Don’t Bring Me A Bouquet of Beautiful Roses

My Tools For My Audio/Video

Hello, everyone. As I mentioned recently in the last blog, I started a Youtube channel. Where am I going with it? Well, I'm still building the idea. However, I have two set ideas for it. Before I explain what I am using for my videos, I'll tell you about my plans. (Quickly, I have to … Continue reading My Tools For My Audio/Video

My Youtube Channel Update

Hello, everyone. I mentioned that I started a Youtube account. However, the more I learn about how it works, the more I can maneuver my way around the channel. I finally figured out how to create a channel with a title I choose. So, I will provide you with my Youtube channel link, Writers & … Continue reading My Youtube Channel Update

The Wretched & His Stench

The wretched walk with a stench. The infected deflected by relatives and friends. Your demeanor, a fiend that offends the myths of their thoughts—the thoughts of those without financial worries. Your empty wallet yells, “Please, lend me some money.” Your mind debates, “Should I ask for some money to get by this month? I really … Continue reading The Wretched & His Stench

A Cool Night

The wind touched the warmth of my face. It was instantly cool. My nostrils breathed the fresh and chilly season. The puffy clouds across the sky were heavy, and they worked diligently to rain on us again. The empty branches of the trees with their arms stretched out danced from side to side. The moon … Continue reading A Cool Night