Stay Safe, Stay Busy

So, I will post below two things: one, a list of what I am doing to keep myself busy. Two, if you are a person of faith or if you don't mind reading a couple inspirational Bible verses, then continue reading. Of course, if you're feeling terrified or concerned, like most of us, I assure you the Bible verses will help.

How to Read Faster for 2020

Hello, everyone. Happy New Year, 2020! So we all have those New Year's resolutions. Some go through and others not so much. One of my goals this year is to read more books and to read faster. I am not a slow reader, but I can be because I like to take notes, highlight, journal … Continue reading How to Read Faster for 2020

It’s Cold Outside

Well, hello, there! You may follow me on Instagram @aprosette for other similar content. And if you have a Facebook @proseana. I mainly use Instagram. Drop by, & say hello. Have an awesome week! 😊🌹 Created on: Quotescreatorapp Also, I have a social media for a small business that I run in the High Desert, … Continue reading It’s Cold Outside

A Quote by C. S Lewis

A Quote by C. S Lewis, Mere Christianity (Chapter 6). The audiobook is available for free on YouTube! I posted this quote on my Instagram @ aprosette. Follow me. It's also an easier place to chat about our work and thoughts. ☺ 🌹 Have a great day. Quotescreatorapp All rights reserved © 2019