Update: Let’s Talk About Writing

Hello, everyone. The last post I wrote was back in July. It was called Up & Down, Side to Side. You may click on the title, and that will lead you to that last blog. Since July, a lot has happened, and I wanted to share a few of my plans with you. We've all been … Continue reading Update: Let’s Talk About Writing

What Is Your Creative Writing Process, Writer?

Today I only have a simply question for you. What is your creative writing process? What are your little quirks as a creative writer? What inspires you to write: poetry, lyrics, blogs, short stories, micro-fiction, fiction, non-fiction, etc.? I'll bulletproof mine below. It's not detailed because that would take me a book. But it's enough to share with you my part of my creative writing process. What's yours? Let me know in the comment section. Have a blessed week, everyone!

“Ayuda, Ayuda ! Por favor!”

Ab walked from work as he loosened his tie, exhausted. He swore that he'd get out of this neighborhood because his children would not grow up here. He made a prayer, that is until his thoughts were interrupted. A rock hit a guy. The man fell to the ground, & then a mob of soulless … Continue reading “Ayuda, Ayuda ! Por favor!”