Stay Safe, Stay Busy

So, I will post below two things: one, a list of what I am doing to keep myself busy. Two, if you are a person of faith or if you don't mind reading a couple inspirational Bible verses, then continue reading. Of course, if you're feeling terrified or concerned, like most of us, I assure you the Bible verses will help.

Song of the Week #17: “If You Leave”

Hi, so it has been some time since I have posted my song of the week. I have the 80's song, "If You Leave," on repeat. The song is mainly iconic for the movie Pretty in Pink, a movie I love. Therefore, I thought it would be a good idea to post as my song … Continue reading Song of the Week #17: “If You Leave”

Internal Struggles

What is it about internal struggles, that once we confront them, we feel freer? And what is it about art that helps us heal? For example, eating disorders, drug addictions, or anything that harms us as a whole cling like ticks to the soul and mind. We feel defeated and helpless when we even try … Continue reading Internal Struggles

Motivational Speeches List, Spotify

Either society has shaped some of us, educational systems, teachers, family, and or friends that/who believe we aren't good or smart or talented enough. We have conditioned our minds to think crap, "You can't," or "I can't." But, once we're adults, it's our responsibility & job to re-condition our mind, to change our mindset. Failure, … Continue reading Motivational Speeches List, Spotify

My Tools For My Audio/Video

Hello, everyone. As I mentioned recently in the last blog, I started a Youtube channel. Where am I going with it? Well, I'm still building the idea. However, I have two set ideas for it. Before I explain what I am using for my videos, I'll tell you about my plans. (Quickly, I have to … Continue reading My Tools For My Audio/Video

My Youtube Channel Update

Hello, everyone. I mentioned that I started a Youtube account. However, the more I learn about how it works, the more I can maneuver my way around the channel. I finally figured out how to create a channel with a title I choose. So, I will provide you with my Youtube channel link, Writers & … Continue reading My Youtube Channel Update

My Youtube Account

Hi, everyone. I started this project that I am kind of excited about. I'm creating videos of the work that I have written, mainly the free verse works. I record my voice, add music and special effects with garage band. I then create my video using video manager on my PC, and I add the … Continue reading My Youtube Account

Song of the Week # 16: “How Do I Live” LeAnn Rimes

I have not written in quite a while about my song of the week. I have too many favorite songs. I cannot even keep up. I am not sure why, but this week I thought about LeAnn Rimes. If you're old enough, I think her song "How Do I Live" will come to mind. Interestingly … Continue reading Song of the Week # 16: “How Do I Live” LeAnn Rimes

Not a Friday Song #13: “Find You”

Once again, I didn’t post my favorite song of the week on my usual Friday. I caught the flu, and I didn't feel well until right now at night. But I’m doing better now. At any rate, my favorite song of the week is “Find You,” by Nick Jonas, and I also love the video. … Continue reading Not a Friday Song #13: “Find You”