Hi, Hello

Hi, I am just stopping by to say hello to everyone. I hope you are enjoying your week, and I hope that you obtain many blessings psychologically, physically, and spiritually. It's been a tough season for everyone, I'm sure. I hoping to start blogging regularly again. I'm just working on a few things that pertain … Continue reading Hi, Hello

Right or Wrong, Left or Right?

I also hope that we can set an example for the younger generations. If we limit them mentally, we're crippling them. While it's important to keep in mind the injustices that happen in our nation and across the world, we also need to give young people hope and solutions, not just negativity on how they're doomed.

A Quote by C. S Lewis

A Quote by C. S Lewis, Mere Christianity (Chapter 6). The audiobook is available for free on YouTube! I posted this quote on my Instagram @ aprosette. Follow me. It's also an easier place to chat about our work and thoughts. ☺ 🌹 Have a great day. Quotescreatorapp All rights reserved ©anaprose.com 2019