A Prophet Without Honor (5 min. Rd)

Have you ever heard of the phrase: "Jesus said to them, 'A prophet is not without honor except in his own town, among his relatives and in his own home.'" If you haven't, it's a quote from the Bible, Mark 6:4 and Luke 4:24. You may read it if you'd like. But in short, Jesus was from Nazareth, … Continue reading A Prophet Without Honor (5 min. Rd)

Beyond this World

We're living in an era where "progressivism" is on the rise, and yet I see more regression. We have a mental health crisis, and suicide is rising, and we have more division and chaos. We idealized a utopia while walking towards a dark dystopian path. Unknowingly, perhaps this is human beings' attempt to recreate their … Continue reading Beyond this World

Stay Safe, Stay Busy

So, I will post below two things: one, a list of what I am doing to keep myself busy. Two, if you are a person of faith or if you don't mind reading a couple inspirational Bible verses, then continue reading. Of course, if you're feeling terrified or concerned, like most of us, I assure you the Bible verses will help.

What do MLK Jr., Rosa Parks, Moses, & Aaron have to do with Introversion & Extroversion?

Do you know the definition of introversion? A spoiler alert, not all introverts consider themselves shy. Introverts grip their quiet moments to recharge. Put it like this, when an introvert goes out into the world, it’s similar to when you put gasoline in your car. It needs fuel to function all day long and makes … Continue reading What do MLK Jr., Rosa Parks, Moses, & Aaron have to do with Introversion & Extroversion?