“The CarpetBagger”

You were a brother to me. But you treat me like number two. You rage to hear the truth. So I soothe you with dumb words. You pat yourself on the back, To you, I'm a second-class citizen. You've got your crown and gown-- Surrounded by "royal" drunks. Invading your castle and stuff. But I'm the "carpetbagger."

Will Smith Reminded Me of This… (4 Min. Read)

Hello, ladies and gentlemen. It has been a while, and I have a different take on the "Will Smith Slap." Yes, yes. I know… "this is staged. It's a distraction." That's not my point here, whether it is staged or not. What Will did is wrong. We all know that. But my point is that … Continue reading Will Smith Reminded Me of This… (4 Min. Read)

Cold Love

Love has grown cold.You're all so bold."You can't enter my home" without the poke.Not just the one, but two, maybe three or four."It'll never end if you enable them.They're losing the war of their soul.Minds warped!By that box which speaks blasphemies!Against God's creatures:"You're a terrorist.""You're selfish.""You deserve to lose your job.""Don't partake with us. Is … Continue reading Cold Love

Beyond this World

We're living in an era where "progressivism" is on the rise, and yet I see more regression. We have a mental health crisis, and suicide is rising, and we have more division and chaos. We idealized a utopia while walking towards a dark dystopian path. Unknowingly, perhaps this is human beings' attempt to recreate their … Continue reading Beyond this World

Reach out. Forgive. Kindness.

What is it about 2020 was so challenging? Well, the pandemic was a defining moment in history. It affected us globally, nationally, locally, and personally. Regardless of where you stand personally and politically of this whole madness, one thing is almost certain. It changed us all. While not many are introspective, and I feel we … Continue reading Reach out. Forgive. Kindness.

What Are You Doing To Stay Motivated in 2020?

Hello, everyone. This is Ana writing a blog after months, but I will try to keep this short. It’s been a rough year on a personal, local, national, and global level. I’m sure this year has been a tough one for you too, and we’re all in the same boat. There are so many controversial … Continue reading What Are You Doing To Stay Motivated in 2020?