California Earthquakes

Hello, eveyone. So I was about to go to sleep. But we got another jolt in California. I live in the High Desert, San Bernardino County area. I have to admit that it's now gotten to the point of feeling more than concerned. First, we got hit by a 6.4 in the morning 2 days … Continue reading California Earthquakes

Guatemala Earthquake – February 4, 1976

Hi, so, if you're in Southern California, you most likely felt the 6.4 earthquake. I certainly felt it right before putting the first bite of breakfast in my mouth. It's Fourth of July, and we have plans with my family to celebrate it with a typical American meal, hamburgers, and hot dogs. And then came … Continue reading Guatemala Earthquake – February 4, 1976

Dear Writers, Fun Exercise

Hi, so I took a few pictures of the beautiful sky today. As a writing challenge, inspiration, or simply as a writing exercise, I invite you to write a passage, a poem, a sentence, or a pitch to a story for the pictures I took. They're not professional. I took them with my phone. I … Continue reading Dear Writers, Fun Exercise

“I really don’t like her” Or “She’s Okay.”

I walk around society telling myself what not to do and what not to say. I question actions and words. But then I think, why? Is this normal? It really isn’t. I see individuality as a form of respect. Nowadays, I feel that we are assaulting individuality. For instance, there was a time where my … Continue reading “I really don’t like her” Or “She’s Okay.”

Being Rude Is Easier Than Being Nice

Thanksgiving break is finally here. We’re in a great trial in America, and it’s because we all think so differently from one another. Some are young, others are old, some are liberals, and others are conservatives so on and so forth. I have a friend who at times we get into discussions about political issues. … Continue reading Being Rude Is Easier Than Being Nice

Near But Far Enough The BlueCut Fire

So, the BlueCut Fire burned many neighboring cities close to my home. The authorities did have to evacuate people from my city. Luckily, I live at the other end. Nonetheless, as you will see from the pictures I took, the fire was very close. I was difficult to breathe for a few days, and I … Continue reading Near But Far Enough The BlueCut Fire