Am I Toxic Person?

Today, I saw two quotes on Instagram that pertain to accountability. The quotes are by Jay Shetty and Mike Rogers. I thought to myself, this is important. Readily, at me times, we feel comfortable pinpointing those who are toxic to us. However, what about us? What about our mistakes? It's imperative to understand that we … Continue reading Am I Toxic Person?

Dear Writers, Fun Exercise

Hi, so I took a few pictures of the beautiful sky today. As a writing challenge, inspiration, or simply as a writing exercise, I invite you to write a passage, a poem, a sentence, or a pitch to a story for the pictures I took. They're not professional. I took them with my phone. I … Continue reading Dear Writers, Fun Exercise

Loyalty, Honesty: Deceit & Betrayal In Fiction & Life (10 min. read)

I am paying more attention to deceit and betrayal as I write my story or short stories. I can’t "villainize" a bad person character because their motives are so much deeper. There’s always a back story. I mean, there are uncomplicated one-dimensional characters. But others are too complex. As I delve into these characteristics of … Continue reading Loyalty, Honesty: Deceit & Betrayal In Fiction & Life (10 min. read)

What are you afraid of? Just do it.

My tag line for my blog states, “I’m on this writing exploration journey.” Every time I post one of my blogs I add a hashtag that says #humblebeginnings. The reason I ask my followers to follow me on this writing expedition and the cause of the hashtag is that I am like this newborn baby … Continue reading What are you afraid of? Just do it.