The Truth Always Shows Itself To You

To me, it's important to dig for the truth, even if it's painful and uncomfortable. That's who I am. You want to prove something to me, show me data, statistics, or facts that prove that you're 100% you're right. Why? Because emotions can be deceiving. I feel we need a balance between emotion and facts. Why? Because emotions keep us human, but facts can help us keep humble & logical. Maybe you're wrong, buddy?

What Are You Up To?

Hey, so I'd really like to know what you're all doing? It sounds weird. But I'm curious. 😂 I'll ask a few questions, and I'll leave my answers first. Go ahead answer them in the comment section. Stay home, stay safe. 🌹 Where are you from? I'm from California, and I live in the San … Continue reading What Are You Up To?

Two Sides of the Coin: Slandering A Person

Hello, everyone. I wanted to share a peculiar experience I had about a month ago. On my previous account of Instagram, I had a little over a thousand followers. For different reasons, I decided to delete the account, and create a new one. Right before removing it, some guy that followed me, asked me how … Continue reading Two Sides of the Coin: Slandering A Person

What Are Good Communication Skills?

Hello, everyone. I wanted to share a small post on communication skills. Most people have a bias against those who are quiet, or less talkative. My sister posted on her Instagram a small general definition of a person with good communication skills, and I couldn't have put it better. What do you think? Please, leave … Continue reading What Are Good Communication Skills?