What Are You Up To?

Hey, so I'd really like to know what you're all doing? It sounds weird. But I'm curious. 😂 I'll ask a few questions, and I'll leave my answers first. Go ahead answer them in the comment section. Stay home, stay safe. 🌹 Where are you from? I'm from California, and I live in the San … Continue reading What Are You Up To?

How to Read Faster for 2020

Hello, everyone. Happy New Year, 2020! So we all have those New Year's resolutions. Some go through and others not so much. One of my goals this year is to read more books and to read faster. I am not a slow reader, but I can be because I like to take notes, highlight, journal … Continue reading How to Read Faster for 2020

Warning: The Typo, The Rant, & Some Men

Hello, everyone. I’m going to put myself on blast here, but it’s okay because I learned a few things from a typo. I used the word “descent” instead of “decent.” See the picture below. So a lot of people found it amusing to make fun of me. It’s okay. They didn’t hurt my feelings. I’ve … Continue reading Warning: The Typo, The Rant, & Some Men

Friday Song #4 “By Myself”

Today, I chose "By Myself" by Lillywood & the Prick, a French duo: Vocalist Hili Hadida (A French-Israeli) and Parisian guitarist Benjamin Coto. Even though I'm an introvert, I still like to interact with people. But I believe I'm at the stage where my friends and everyone are moving on to their own paths. They're building new … Continue reading Friday Song #4 “By Myself”

“I really don’t like her” Or “She’s Okay.”

I walk around society telling myself what not to do and what not to say. I question actions and words. But then I think, why? Is this normal? It really isn’t. I see individuality as a form of respect. Nowadays, I feel that we are assaulting individuality. For instance, there was a time where my … Continue reading “I really don’t like her” Or “She’s Okay.”