Stay Safe, Stay Busy

So, I will post below two things: one, a list of what I am doing to keep myself busy. Two, if you are a person of faith or if you don't mind reading a couple inspirational Bible verses, then continue reading. Of course, if you're feeling terrified or concerned, like most of us, I assure you the Bible verses will help.

Life’s Traffic Jam

Hello, everyone. It's been a good while since I have written a blog. I wanted to share a short encounter I had about a day ago. I needed to run errands. I embarked on my short journey with "goals" in mind, stop at the vision center and grocery shop for dinner. I live in the … Continue reading Life’s Traffic Jam

Yikes, 2018… Ready for 2019 ASAP

Well, 2018 is pretty much gone. I have to admit that it wasn't the most fabulous year for me. Here's a list: 1. I had to quit my job because the position that was promised to me as a full-time English professor went to someone else--an outsider, not from the church or school. 2. My … Continue reading Yikes, 2018… Ready for 2019 ASAP

Job Hunting…Sighs…

Hello, everyone. I've been lagging on my blog a bit, and I hate it. But I am on the hunt for a job. I mentioned a while back that I made a small investment. I sale scented lamps and oils. Here's the link Scented Lamps & Oils: World R Investments, LLC. I'll post pictures throughout … Continue reading Job Hunting…Sighs…