“The CarpetBagger”

You were a brother to me. But you treat me like number two. You rage to hear the truth. So I soothe you with dumb words. You pat yourself on the back, To you, I'm a second-class citizen. You've got your crown and gown-- Surrounded by "royal" drunks. Invading your castle and stuff. But I'm the "carpetbagger."

Watchful Eyes

Have you ever just watched a person…When they're not looking.Busy in some endeavor.Their walls are down--or unaware of it.No putting up a front.It's humanity's thoughts, not idling.Their hands in laborious pursuits.No time or room for remorse.Grudges, lies, or deceit.It minds one's own business.Incognizant of watchful eyes.Oh, what a crush!No, not that kind of carnal enamoredness.Instead, … Continue reading Watchful Eyes


A Scraggly lady, fixing her glasses always.Nobody notices her sizzling speech.It's like I'm taking crazy pills.She's always moving, slithering her way around.Her words come out sweet like spongy marshmallows.A credible person, worthy witness, a "must-believe-person."Her marshmallows have a poisonous end.Her old sweet innocent eyes, merely deceit.But I hear her steps creak.I see the veil in … Continue reading Ghouls

Nail Polish, A Crutch

I hope everyone is having a great first month of 2020. And if you're not, I pray that things get better, and that you obtain the strength to endure the storm. You may follow me on Instagram @aprosette. Quotescreatorapp "You see nail polish and pretty colorful finger nails. But all I see is a crutch. … Continue reading Nail Polish, A Crutch