Friday Song #11: Lorde’s “Melodrama” Album

Hello, everyone. I know I usually pick the one song for Friday's. But I love Lorde's entire album so much that I couldn't choose the one song for today. The name of the album is Melodrama. I've listened to Lorde for a while now. At such a young age, she has more mature music than … Continue reading Friday Song #11: Lorde’s “Melodrama” Album

Friday Song #10: “Lost Stars,” Begin Again

Hello, all: Hope you're having an amazing Friday and weekend overall. Here's my song of the week, "Lost Stars" from the movie Begin Again, Keira Knightley's version. Adam Levine also sings it, and I love both covers.  But I chose Keira's version for this post. This is such a beautiful song just like that movie! … Continue reading Friday Song #10: “Lost Stars,” Begin Again

Friday Song #9: Rise, Simon Baum

Hello, everyone. I haven't posted a Friday song in a few weeks. But here's my choice for this week. As it reads in the title, it is "Rise" by Simon Baum. He is on Twitter @SimonBaumMusic ,and you can also find him on Spotify. I'll post a youtube video of my favorite song. I hope you like … Continue reading Friday Song #9: Rise, Simon Baum

Friday Song #8: “Lighthouse,” Diane Birch

Hi! It's Friday. I've missed a few Friday's. But not today! Here's my song of the week, "Lighthouse" by Diane Birch. It's slightly gloomy but mixed with a tinge of hope. I love her music, and she has such a powerful awesome voice. Youtube video, link, and lyrics below. I hope you like it. What's a … Continue reading Friday Song #8: “Lighthouse,” Diane Birch

Friday Song #4 “By Myself”

Today, I chose "By Myself" by Lillywood & the Prick, a French duo: Vocalist Hili Hadida (A French-Israeli) and Parisian guitarist Benjamin Coto. Even though I'm an introvert, I still like to interact with people. But I believe I'm at the stage where my friends and everyone are moving on to their own paths. They're building new … Continue reading Friday Song #4 “By Myself”

Friday Song #2: “Roses and Violets”

Hello, there. A few weeks ago I posted one of my new favorite songs, "Liability," by Lorde. So that gave me an idea--to post every Friday a song that I like to share with you. And of course, if you have a favorite song, please share it. I'd love to listen to it! Well, this … Continue reading Friday Song #2: “Roses and Violets”