Let People Evolve: Hailey Bieber vs Selena Gomez

Many of us may not have tabloids writing about us or keeping tabs on everything we do, but we do have those people (relatives and "friends") keeping tabs on us and hoping we break down one day. Because they don't seek change and refuse to evolve, they don't want you to change either. But as always, keep going. Keep moving.

Does the Bible Condemn Working Women? (3 min. Rd.)

The Bible doesn't condemn working women or state that "women only belong in the kitchen or at home." It certainly doesn't say that women are only this one thing or the other. They can be productive at home, out of the house, or both. The Proverbs 31 Woman is wise, nurturing, caring, loving, and strong, and "she suffers nothing from laziness."

Internal Struggles

What is it about internal struggles, that once we confront them, we feel freer? And what is it about art that helps us heal? For example, eating disorders, drug addictions, or anything that harms us as a whole cling like ticks to the soul and mind. We feel defeated and helpless when we even try … Continue reading Internal Struggles