Watchful Eyes

Have you ever just watched a person…When they're not looking.Busy in some endeavor.Their walls are down--or unaware of it.No putting up a front.It's humanity's thoughts, not idling.Their hands in laborious pursuits.No time or room for remorse.Grudges, lies, or deceit.It minds one's own business.Incognizant of watchful eyes.Oh, what a crush!No, not that kind of carnal enamoredness.Instead, … Continue reading Watchful Eyes

Cold Love

Love has grown cold.You're all so bold."You can't enter my home" without the poke.Not just the one, but two, maybe three or four."It'll never end if you enable them.They're losing the war of their soul.Minds warped!By that box which speaks blasphemies!Against God's creatures:"You're a terrorist.""You're selfish.""You deserve to lose your job.""Don't partake with us. Is … Continue reading Cold Love

Song of the Week # 16: “How Do I Live” LeAnn Rimes

I have not written in quite a while about my song of the week. I have too many favorite songs. I cannot even keep up. I am not sure why, but this week I thought about LeAnn Rimes. If you're old enough, I think her song "How Do I Live" will come to mind. Interestingly … Continue reading Song of the Week # 16: “How Do I Live” LeAnn Rimes

You Can Open Up A New World for Someone

One of the most popular thoughts that I hear from people is, “Do you” or “Worry about yourself” or “Do as you will.” I see it all over on social media. While I do believe that we need to focus on the self for physical and mental health, I think we need a balance. How … Continue reading You Can Open Up A New World for Someone

Friendship, Earth

Hello, everyone. I hope you're all surviving all this world's madness. So I am rewriting chapters of my “fantasy novel,” once again. It needs a lot of editing. My goal is to work on a chapter a day, write 2,000 words for it, and edit it. That's about 60,000 words in a month. At any … Continue reading Friendship, Earth

A Few Bad Plays, One Extraordinary Game

I'm sure there are a lot of singles out there either annoyed or depressed. And yet others that couldn't care any less. Me, yes, I am single. But it doesn't bother me because  I am trying to stay focused on a couple of things. Even though it's rather difficult, I try not to have control of … Continue reading A Few Bad Plays, One Extraordinary Game

She’s Your Fellow Earthling

Hello, everyone! I decided to take a little break and quickly write this blog. Still working hard on my exam! I'm terribly exhausted. I'll get to my nominees soon! Thank you. Okay, here we go. _________________________________________________________________ How hard is it to be a decent human being? As I mentioned before, I am living the single … Continue reading She’s Your Fellow Earthling