You’re Pretty

Hello, please feel free to follow me on Instagram at ana.prose. Have a safe & great weekend. 🌹 © 🌹 2020 He said to her, "You're pretty. The kind of pretty that hurts my heart. You got that look like you're mean, & you don't bat your eyes like the other girls do. You don't … Continue reading You’re Pretty

The Other “Me?”

Doors slammed in my face. People that I cared for defaced my trust. I was left in pieces. They moved on while I was on my knees, begging for mercy. Tears blinded my eyes. My soul nearly died. My heart fainted. My courage failed. The fire inside me darkened. I fell in the rabbit hole, … Continue reading The Other “Me?”

The Wretched & His Stench

The wretched walk with a stench. The infected deflected by relatives and friends. Your demeanor, a fiend that offends the myths of their thoughts—the thoughts of those without financial worries. Your empty wallet yells, “Please, lend me some money.” Your mind debates, “Should I ask for some money to get by this month? I really … Continue reading The Wretched & His Stench


Doubt: To exercise, or not to exercise? Fear: What for anyway? You keep failing your diet and routine. Demon: Those second servings look mighty delicious. Just do it. Angel: Just do it... Your exercise that is. Perseverance is key. Here's the definition of it, child. It is, 'steady persistence in a course of action, a … Continue reading Breakthrough

Free Ebook for You: The Roller Coaster of Life


Hello, everyone. I am very excited that I finished a minor project. It contains eight free verse works, and it has two micro-fiction stories. My ebook is called, The Roller Coaster of Life. I am grateful to all my followers, so this is something I wanted to grant to you. Initially, I was going to … Continue reading Free Ebook for You: The Roller Coaster of Life