The Material Self vs. The Castaway Self

"The material world offers "see, touch, smell, hear, and taste." They can be useful, or they can be harmful or a little blend of both. Perceptive things to grasp, to understand. Basic levels of the human condition. 101 Human Beings. The understanding oneself? Now, we're reaching that other self, the one layered by imperfection. That … Continue reading The Material Self vs. The Castaway Self

Did Eros Shoot ME?

Can we truly be happy?Or is it the hope that we can pursue happiness what allows our minds to rest at night?Did Eros shoot me?Did he shoot happiness? Every time I'm close to grasping it, it escapes my grip.Are life and happiness chasing me? And I keep transforming to escape it.Perhaps, it's time to stand … Continue reading Did Eros Shoot ME?