Yikes, 2018… Ready for 2019 ASAP

Well, 2018 is pretty much gone. I have to admit that it wasn't the most fabulous year for me. Here's a list: 1. I had to quit my job because the position that was promised to me as a full-time English professor went to someone else--an outsider, not from the church or school. 2. My … Continue reading Yikes, 2018… Ready for 2019 ASAP

The End of the World

It takes 3x more prayer and meditation to find peace within. Is it easy? No. But we must try. That means we must be more forgiving because we are all living in a world full of anger and chaos. It can break anyone at any point. Be cautious. Be forgiving. And disconnect more often not-- advice, firstly, for me. In many ways, it feels very much like the end of the world.