3 Amazing Speakers

Hello, everyone. I hope you're having a great week. Today, I saw three different videos on Youtube from: Arnold Schwarzenegger, Denzel Washington, and Oprah Winfrey. Here are the main three points of their speeches. It's roughly around the same, and that was surprising to me. I love it: It's okay to fail. Don't listen to … Continue reading 3 Amazing Speakers

It’s Okay to Cry: A Short Story

Helen collapsed on the brown leather chair. She stared at the spotless grey carpet. The lighting from the natural light coming in from the large windows bothered her eyes, so she kept her sunglasses on. Her life coach, Gregory, a guy in his mid-forties, hazel eyes, leaned on his desk while waiting for Helen to … Continue reading It’s Okay to Cry: A Short Story

The Other “Me?”

Doors slammed in my face. People that I cared for defaced my trust. I was left in pieces. They moved on while I was on my knees, begging for mercy. Tears blinded my eyes. My soul nearly died. My heart fainted. My courage failed. The fire inside me darkened. I fell in the rabbit hole, … Continue reading The Other “Me?”

Motivational Speeches List, Spotify

Either society has shaped some of us, educational systems, teachers, family, and or friends that/who believe we aren't good or smart or talented enough. We have conditioned our minds to think crap, "You can't," or "I can't." But, once we're adults, it's our responsibility & job to re-condition our mind, to change our mindset. Failure, … Continue reading Motivational Speeches List, Spotify

Beware of Youtube Content For Your Children

Hello, everyone. This topic is not usually part of my blog. But I wanted to address it anyway. Now, I don't have children. I still feel that it's important to protect children. So, if you're a parent, beware of the content your children are seeing in spite of its innocent appearance. Unfortunately, the following is … Continue reading Beware of Youtube Content For Your Children