“Ayuda, Ayuda ! Por favor!”

Ab walked from work as he loosened his tie, exhausted. He swore that he'd get out of this neighborhood because his children would not grow up here. He made a prayer, that is until his thoughts were interrupted. A rock hit a guy. The man fell to the ground, & then a mob of soulless … Continue reading “Ayuda, Ayuda ! Por favor!”

It’s Okay to Cry: A Short Story

Helen collapsed on the brown leather chair. She stared at the spotless grey carpet. The lighting from the natural light coming in from the large windows bothered her eyes, so she kept her sunglasses on. Her life coach, Gregory, a guy in his mid-forties, hazel eyes, leaned on his desk while waiting for Helen to … Continue reading It’s Okay to Cry: A Short Story

The Wretched & His Stench

The wretched walk with a stench. The infected deflected by relatives and friends. Your demeanor, a fiend that offends the myths of their thoughts—the thoughts of those without financial worries. Your empty wallet yells, “Please, lend me some money.” Your mind debates, “Should I ask for some money to get by this month? I really … Continue reading The Wretched & His Stench

The Doctor, Sister 1 & Sister 2, & the Nurse

Sister 1 approaches the man and says,“Doctor, how’s my sister doing?” He takes a look at his notepad to take notes. Sister 2 is unaware of the people behind the glass. Her lost eyes and unsteady steps walk mindlessly in the white room. “She has been stating the same words for hours,” he says fixing … Continue reading The Doctor, Sister 1 & Sister 2, & the Nurse