The Pile of Little Things

As a fan, I was so frustrated. I thought, “This is so unfair.” I thought of all those who have wronged me. I was angry. I quickly had to reset my mind away from such adverse thoughts. Those thoughts are negative and unimportant. I reminded myself that all good things take a long time. Those who are meant to stay in your life do, and those who aren’t just don’t matter because life goes on.  

The Auto Mechanics of Life

Hi, so recently I posted on my facebook about how I dislike talking about cars. My sister and I noticed how deeply concentrated men are when they are fixing or cleaning their cars or bikes. My dad sometimes tries to tell me about what he’s doing to his cars, and I’ve had a few friends … Continue reading The Auto Mechanics of Life

Battle of the Sexes: Men vs. Women Part II

In fourth grade, another little boy, we were probably almost the same height, he was still bigger. He teased and bullied me. One day, he decided to hit me while we sat next to each other. Why the teacher who was a few feet away didn’t care or notice, I have no clue. I retaliated … Continue reading Battle of the Sexes: Men vs. Women Part II

Battle of Sexes: Men vs. Women Part I

Battle of the sexes, it’s old and exhausted topic. You can disagree with me here, but there’s too much hate between men and women. And things keep getting more complicated instead of easier. Me, I don’t hate men. I have a wonderful father who causes me headaches at times because we do disagree on many … Continue reading Battle of Sexes: Men vs. Women Part I