What Are You Up To?

Hey, so I'd really like to know what you're all doing? It sounds weird. But I'm curious. 😂 I'll ask a few questions, and I'll leave my answers first. Go ahead answer them in the comment section. Stay home, stay safe. 🌹 Where are you from? I'm from California, and I live in the San … Continue reading What Are You Up To?

To My Burial, Don’t Bring Me A Bouquet of Beautiful Roses

Please, to my burial, don't bring me a bouquet of beautiful roses to my new home, the coffin. My eyes can't see them. My nostrils no longer have a scent. My heart no longer beats. My pupils no longer enlarge when I see you.  Don't come with your tears and your pretty words. What you … Continue reading To My Burial, Don’t Bring Me A Bouquet of Beautiful Roses

Enough, I said, Enough

Hello, everyone. I hope your week is going great. If not, hang in there. Here's another video that I just uploaded to my Youtube channel, Writers & Artists Lounge. I hope you like it. Please, feel free to hit like, share, and subscribe. Thank you. I use Video Manager to create the video, Garage Band … Continue reading Enough, I said, Enough

Am I A Writer?

What does it mean when you read your own chapters that you are currently writing, and you find interesting? Sometimes I even ask, “I wrote that?” And it could be due to my disgust at the writing or a positive of thought of my own writing. A couple of weeks ago, I found an academic … Continue reading Am I A Writer?


Hello, everyone. Below, I posted five quotes. I hope you like them. Please, let me know if any of them hit home. Also, do you feel comfortable sharing your thoughts, emotions, and or philosophies with your friends and family? Or do you prefer to express them in your writing and not talk about them? Why … Continue reading 5 Quotes

Outlining: OneNote

Hi, I'm on a roll today! So I am currently writing a "fantasy" novel, so far called, Phat Earth, Not Fat Earth. I'm on chapter 8. Short synopsis: It's about a woman who struggles with her weight. She fights her demons or struggles both in our real world and in an alternate universe where she … Continue reading Outlining: OneNote